You have a cup of tea, and preferably a scone.

Cups of tea are brilliant. Totally underrated and totally brilliant. I put it down to a cup of tea and a change of scenery that I’m not still pulling my hair out trying to force out good ideas. And my boyfriend, who took me out of Oxford and put me in a cafe in Woodstock with … Continue reading

Exploration Study: Summaries

This post is taken from the summary pages for the Exploration Study, a requirement for the Technology module that was handed in at the end of January. I’ve summarised my construction, structural and environmental strategies for the Poplar Baths project. Even if what i design changes significantly, these summaries help me to see what is … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Assembly

The assembly of the bridge is quite complex in that all the pieces need to be put together in a specific order, then the bridge needs to be winched into place and bolted to the supports last. This is explained below.. 1. The concrete supports should be cast in-situ with as smooth an edge finish as possible. The … Continue reading