Cross Crit: Tuesday 19th March

We had our last major crit (!) on tuesday; a cross crit in the studio’s where we each got about 20 minutes to present our work to a panel of tutors; some we knew and some we didn’t. It was a good opportunity to do some good hard work, so the days preceding the presentation were a … Continue reading

Feedback from Christmas: Pechakucha Presentations

Early on in February we had presentations to feed back from the work we’d done over Christmas. These took the form of Pechakucha presentations – we each got 20 slides that were up on screen for 20 seconds each. This was quite hard to prepare for but was fun to do, and really made me … Continue reading

Cross-Crits: 4th December – Feedback

As promised in the previous blog post, here is the feedback from the tutors on my presentation. I’ve also attached my feedback on how I felt I did. Again, enjoy! (To open the file to a readable size, right click on it and select ‘open in a new tab’ or ‘open in a new window’. … Continue reading

Cross Crits: 4th December

I thought I’d better upload the slides I presented at the cross-crits yesterday so I’ll have a record of them. I’ll upload the feedback in a different blog post shortly. Enjoy!

The de-commercialisation of 21st Century Architecture

Brief (Take 2): Having chatted with the tutors on Tuesday, I realised that I need a really clear reason for taking architects out of London. In chatting with friends I realised that I’m pretty passionate about the whole architectural process; not just the farming of ideas within the design stage. I like the detail stage … Continue reading

Tutorial Notes: November 13th

Today I had my first ‘proper’ tutorial; proper in the fact that I had some work to discuss. The points that came up were: – I need to do more drawings and less graphs (I can’t say I’m too upset about this) – I need to look at really working out why I am taking/proposing … Continue reading