Model desks

As mentioned in the previous post, here are some photos of the model desks I made for a project in the third year of my undergraduate degree. They are approximately 1:5 scale and were created to illustrate how a change in location can affect the way we work. I’m planning on using them and the … Continue reading

Desk Study: How do we use the space we have?

I have recycled a bit of work from the third year of my undergrad degree for this study; we designed an office then as well and part of the project was a study into how we worked in different spaces. We had to work in one space for a day and log how we worked, … Continue reading

Pinterest Precedents: Take 2

I’ve been steadily updating my Pinterest board for offices, desks and workspaces. This is my main precedent site, so please keep checking it out! The link is here. Enjoy!

Two Drawings (Or: One Drawing and a Whole New Scheme)

Following on from the previous post, I’d been asked to produce two drawings of the whole of my scheme. However, I;d also been told that I basically needed to rethink my whole scheme, so had to not only come up with a concept but draw it out as well. This was clearly a bit too … Continue reading

Pinterest, Precedents and Picture-Finding

I have started a board of precedents on Pinterest for offices and office spaces, as well as more general architectural design. I have tried to work out what I like about each image and written this in the caption underneath. The link to the board is here. I will try and keep it regularly updated, … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 3: Reducing the Noise Levels and Testing the Bricks…

In the next few blog posts I’m going to look at the potential noise output from the workshop and some basic ways in which I could soundproof the space to stop too much noise travelling through the rest of the building. I’ll be looking at lining the walls of the pool to reduce reverberation, and … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Beam or Arch (2)

Arch Bridges Having decided not to do a beam bridge I will now look into the feasibility of designing an arched bridge to span the 19m between the raised walkways around the first class baths. Due to the timescale for this project I won’t be able to fully design the bridge before this report is due in but … Continue reading


I saw this link on Facebook to a brilliant promotional video for some waterproofing spray, Ultra Ever Dry. I’m so impressed by what people can create nowadays, think of all the things you could keep super dry! You’d never need to get wet in the rain ever again! I’m reminded of the first Harry Potter book where … Continue reading

Paper: Facts and Figures

One of the key criteria in my choice of materials is that it is locally available, and if possible locally recyclable. If architecture is to be a service to the local community, then it needs to use local materials – shipping steel in from China because its cheaper doesn’t work with the idea of sustaining … Continue reading

Summary: Office Precedents and Research

I’ve been researching offices and office spaces on and off since October and thought I’d summarise how this has impacted my design so far and how I’d like it to as I move into the more detailed design. I’ve done two main ‘sets’ of research – conceptual and practical. The links to the various blog … Continue reading