What do you do when there are no ideas?!

This has been a hard hard two weeks. The first thing to go wrong was that I got ill. I felt rough for a few days, which wasn’t much but was enough to throw me out of whack quite significantly. I went into uni last week armed with my collages, tracing paper, and about four … Continue reading

Scheme 3: A Breakthrough!

This post outlines the ideas I had after my failed attempt at drawing my whole scheme (see this post). Having failed to design an office for Poplar Baths three times (and having a small panic about what that meant for my career as an architect and life generally) I had a bit of a breakthrough. … Continue reading

Two Drawings (Or: One Drawing and a Whole New Scheme)

Following on from the previous post, I’d been asked to produce two drawings of the whole of my scheme. However, I;d also been told that I basically needed to rethink my whole scheme, so had to not only come up with a concept but draw it out as well. This was clearly a bit too … Continue reading

Summary: Office Precedents and Research

I’ve been researching offices and office spaces on and off since October and thought I’d summarise how this has impacted my design so far and how I’d like it to as I move into the more detailed design. I’ve done two main ‘sets’ of research – conceptual and practical. The links to the various blog … Continue reading

Exploration is in!

So, the Technology Exploration Study is in the Dropbox in uni and I’m feeling pretty good about it! I really enjoyed creating it and I has definitely helped me to think a bit more about my project and really further the design. I’ll be putting the work I’ve done up over the next few days … Continue reading

Who Needs London Anyway: Design Aims

This post has nothing to do with penguins. I didn’t have a header photo and I quite like penguins, so there you go. Maybe later on I’ll actually post something about penguins. Anyway, I’ve had a concentrated thinking about my project and especially how it relates to technology and have come up with a list … Continue reading

The de-commercialisation of 21st Century Architecture

Brief (Take 2): Having chatted with the tutors on Tuesday, I realised that I need a really clear reason for taking architects out of London. In chatting with friends I realised that I’m pretty passionate about the whole architectural process; not just the farming of ideas within the design stage. I like the detail stage … Continue reading

Tutorial Notes: November 13th

Today I had my first ‘proper’ tutorial; proper in the fact that I had some work to discuss. The points that came up were: – I need to do more drawings and less graphs (I can’t say I’m too upset about this) – I need to look at really working out why I am taking/proposing … Continue reading

Who needs London anyway?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to work out what I would like to spend the rest of the year working on, and after chatting with the tutors two weeks ago have finally narrowed down the brief. I’m planning on looking at the relationship between architects and the city; London in particular. This … Continue reading

Space to Work: Book Review

I have chosen to review ‘Space to Work’, a book written in 2006 by Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross. The aim of the book is to establish a code of office design for the modern-day knowledge worker to increase productivity. What is a knowledge worker? The book starts off by defining what a ‘knowledge worker’ … Continue reading