Construction Exploration 3: How do I implement my research? (Part 1)

As mentioned in the previous post, lining the pool walls with paper bricks will reduce the reverberation time from 7 seconds down to 1, which is much more normal. The images on this post illustrate how this will be done. The space will still reverberate as it is so large and still has a tiled … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 3: Reducing the Noise Levels and Testing the Bricks…

In the next few blog posts I’m going to look at the potential noise output from the workshop and some basic ways in which I could soundproof the space to stop too much noise travelling through the rest of the building. I’ll be looking at lining the walls of the pool to reduce reverberation, and … Continue reading

Creating a glu-lam brick

In looking at alternative ways of making bricks or using paper to build I looked at creating a glu-lam brick. This, like the moulded bricks, is 1:2 scale. I created it by gluing together sheets of mountboard until it was the required height. It is incredibly strong and resistant to all the tests. However, the … Continue reading

Testing the Bricks: Pulling, Bending and Compressing

To test the strength of the bricks I have devised three simple tests. I can’t test the actual loading capacity of the bricks as I don’t have the right machines, but I can form basic ideas about their strength from pulling, bending and compressing. Bricks are unlikely to ever encounter bending or snapping in the … Continue reading

Testing the Paper Bricks

Brick 1: Paper Dry weight: 52g Size: 125mm x 60mm x 30-40mm (lxwxh) This was the first set of bricks I made, and almost immediately it was evident that they weren’t moulding properly – when I put the out to dry they were expanding slightly and allowing air back into the compressed paper. The shredded … Continue reading

Making Paper Bricks: Part 2

Since my post earlier on this week about making bricks out of waste paper, I thought I’d do an update on how the bricks dried. I ended up making three kinds of bricks – paper, pulp and pulp + PVA glue. The paper bricks dried the fastest but were the least strong, as soon as … Continue reading

Making Paper Bricks

To continue my research into building with paper, I decided to make some paper bricks to test things like strength, waterproofing and fireproofing. I decided that I wanted my bricks to be 1:2 scale so that I could get an idea of their strength and weight compared to standard bricks. First off I had to make … Continue reading