Pinterest Precedents: Take 2

I’ve been steadily updating my Pinterest board for offices, desks and workspaces. This is my main precedent site, so please keep checking it out! The link is here. Enjoy!

Construction Exploration 3: How do I implement my research? (Part 1)

As mentioned in the previous post, lining the pool walls with paper bricks will reduce the reverberation time from 7 seconds down to 1, which is much more normal. The images on this post illustrate how this will be done. The space will still reverberate as it is so large and still has a tiled … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 3: Reducing the Noise Levels and Testing the Bricks…

In the next few blog posts I’m going to look at the potential noise output from the workshop and some basic ways in which I could soundproof the space to stop too much noise travelling through the rest of the building. I’ll be looking at lining the walls of the pool to reduce reverberation, and … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Finishes

1. Concrete Support Montpelier Library, Zaha Hadid Architects This concrete is cast in-site and yet has a very smooth finish, which is what I would like for the concrete supports at the ends of the bridge. The concrete should be a light shade, with smooth rounded vertical edges but crisp sharp horizontal edges.   2. … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Structure

The structure of the bridge will be a mix of paper tubes, aluminium connections and steel ties. I would have liked to have used wooden connectors but I need to make sure the connections are really light as well as strong. The plan illustrates the structure of the bridge. The red tubes will be 200mm … Continue reading


I saw this link on Facebook to a brilliant promotional video for some waterproofing spray, Ultra Ever Dry. I’m so impressed by what people can create nowadays, think of all the things you could keep super dry! You’d never need to get wet in the rain ever again! I’m reminded of the first Harry Potter book where … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Beam or Arch?

Beam Bridges My research told me that beam bridges can only span a distance of 250ft, or 76m. This is more than I expected, although I will be using paper tubes and these do tend to bend more than wood or steel. The first test I did was to put a paper tube across the … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Designing the Bridge – Types of Bridge

In this section I’m going to look at the research that went into designing the bridge across the workshop and how this impacted my design. I haven’t finished the design of this component yet and I imagine it will take me a significant proportion of the rest of the year to do this, but I … Continue reading

Construction Exploration 2: Loading the workshop

This is the first part of the workshop design I looked at, and involves looking at the pieces of machinery I would like to have in there and their loading on the floor. This is quite key as Poplar Baths were built almost 100 years ago and I need to make sure that the old … Continue reading

Creating a glu-lam brick

In looking at alternative ways of making bricks or using paper to build I looked at creating a glu-lam brick. This, like the moulded bricks, is 1:2 scale. I created it by gluing together sheets of mountboard until it was the required height. It is incredibly strong and resistant to all the tests. However, the … Continue reading