Long time no see… And I’ve learnt to render!!

So. Hello. Its been a while hasn’t it? Final hand-in is in a week and to be honest, the blog has been the least of my priorities over the last month or so. But I’ve got a spare hour and thought I’d post some of my most recent work. Since I last wrote I’ve been … Continue reading

Desk Study: How do we use the space we have?

I have recycled a bit of work from the third year of my undergrad degree for this study; we designed an office then as well and part of the project was a study into how we worked in different spaces. We had to work in one space for a day and log how we worked, … Continue reading

Cross Crit: Tuesday 19th March

We had our last major crit (!) on tuesday; a cross crit in the studio’s where we each got about 20 minutes to present our work to a panel of tutors; some we knew and some we didn’t. It was a good opportunity to do some good hard work, so the days preceding the presentation were a … Continue reading

I Have a Plan! (or three…)

This last week I’ve been very busy cadding up my idea. I’m still struggling to find a descriptive word that suits the shape of the office other than ‘squiggle’, so for the time being I’m using that. I’ve termed the intervention to the second class baths and the east side of the building the entrance. … Continue reading

In-depth Design: The Entrance

This post summarises the new design I’ve come up with for the entrance to the offices and Baths. I’ll put up a proper summary with notes tomorrow but wanted to get my sketches up as soon as possible. The images below illustrate my ideas and my train of thought (click to get larger images)…

In-depth Design: The Office

When I was having my mind-blank day last Friday I decided that I should look at the office in more detail and try to work out two things – how it would be constructed and what materials, and what it would be like to be in it. The drawings below illustrate how I went about answering these … Continue reading

You have a cup of tea, and preferably a scone.

Cups of tea are brilliant. Totally underrated and totally brilliant. I put it down to a cup of tea and a change of scenery that I’m not still pulling my hair out trying to force out good ideas. And my boyfriend, who took me out of Oxford and put me in a cafe in Woodstock with … Continue reading

What do you do when there are no ideas?!

This has been a hard hard two weeks. The first thing to go wrong was that I got ill. I felt rough for a few days, which wasn’t much but was enough to throw me out of whack quite significantly. I went into uni last week armed with my collages, tracing paper, and about four … Continue reading

Getting Creative…

My aim since developing the design of the office is to re-design the entrance and the Second Class Baths half of the existing building. I came up with a few ideas that the tutors didn’t like, and were (quite honestly) boring architecturally. Having got a bit stuck in a computer-based rut a few weeks ago … Continue reading

Poplar Baths: Sketchup Model

Here are some views from my sketchup model of Poplar Baths that I made. This model took me about four days of solid sketchupping and I’m pretty proud of it. The next thing I need to learn is how to use v-ray to enable me to take some good renders of it. I’ve done some … Continue reading