Desk Study: How do we use the space we have?

I have recycled a bit of work from the third year of my undergrad degree for this study; we designed an office then as well and part of the project was a study into how we worked in different spaces. We had to work in one space for a day and log how we worked, then change the location and do the same. I chose to represent this through a series of models that showed when things moved or changed on my desk, or on the library desk. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making the desks a lot.

Anyway, four years on and a similar project crops up so it was only a matter of time before the tiny desks resurfaced. I want to use them for a different end though; I’d like to study how things move and therefore look at how we use the space we have. I often think I’m quite a tidy worker and like to keep things in their places, but the image I’ve created from the desks show that that’s not really the case at all!

Final page for blog

I created the image above by layering up photos of the model desks in Photoshop. I kept the lowest desk but erased all but the objects on the others. This gives a diagram that shows how I used the desk space over a days work. I really like the movement in the image and almost total lack of visible desk space. I’ve put some photos of the desks themselves in the following post, and I’ve created two really quick videos to illustrate the point more…

Home Workspace from Clare Washington on Vimeo.

The video below shows the desks I made for when I worked at the library for the second day…

Library Workspace from Clare Washington on Vimeo.

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