Cross Crit: Tuesday 19th March

We had our last major crit (!) on tuesday; a cross crit in the studio’s where we each got about 20 minutes to present our work to a panel of tutors; some we knew and some we didn’t. It was a good opportunity to do some good hard work, so the days preceding the presentation were a bit frantic! The best thing for me was spending more time doing renders and getting to know V-Ray a bit more. I’m still horribly incompetent at it but I’m getting slowly better.

I’ve added my slides into a gallery with some notes on what each one represents. I based the presentation around three breakthrough’s; the site, the workspace and the office. Trying to work out a structure was pretty hard, especially as I wanted to talk about the workspace and the desk before the rest of the office, but obviously on the renders you can’t help seeing and noticing the office, probably more than the workspace! Anyway, I feel that it went well and I got reasonably good comments so that was positive. I’m yet to get my written feedback but when I do I’ll put it on and do a bit of thinking about what is the next step. We’ve got a lecture on portfolio’s this afternoon so that should hopefully be nice and inspiring. That’s the next big thing now so its head down for the last month and a half.

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