I Have a Plan! (or three…)

This last week I’ve been very busy cadding up my idea. I’m still struggling to find a descriptive word that suits the shape of the office other than ‘squiggle’, so for the time being I’m using that. I’ve termed the intervention to the second class baths and the east side of the building the entrance. This is quite boring, but will help when I try and explain what I’m doing! The plan below shows the key ‘zones’ that I’m working with and how they overlap and intersect…

Zone plan with text

(Please excuse the horrible colours; it’s more about getting the idea across).

The gallery below has labelled plans and a series of renders from a sketchup model I made this week. They show the idea quite well, which is great. I’m especially chuffed with the external renders as I feel this shows the building and idea really clearly. Some of the renders are taken from when the model was half-finished so sky might not be in the right place, but I’ve tried to note this in the captions…

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