You have a cup of tea, and preferably a scone.

Cups of tea are brilliant. Totally underrated and totally brilliant. I put it down to a cup of tea and a change of scenery that I’m not still pulling my hair out trying to force out good ideas. And my boyfriend, who took me out of Oxford and put me in a cafe in Woodstock with a cup of tea and a sketchbook and a pencil and made me draw until I started to have good ideas again.

As I mentioned (!) in my last post, the last few weeks have been idea-less. Quite drastically so. But the last weekend has been really good, mostly thanks to the tea and the scenery-change and I’ve actually come up with something that I think is pretty fantastic. I’ll tell you how I got there…

The first thing I did was to open up my ‘Architecture Source Book’; a large book full of wonderfully pretty pictures of architecture from the last 20 years or so. I went through the photos and when I saw one I liked I would work out what I liked and draw it, carefully and in detail, concentrating on expressing what I liked about it. This was great because it took my mind off my project and onto architecture, and beautiful spaces and what makes them beautiful. The pictures I drew are below, with some explanation as to why I picked those bits…

The second thing I did was to look at the pictures I’d drawn and the details I’d copied and to work out which concepts I wanted to take forward to my design. I especially liked the idea of overlapping pieces of architecture, as well as bridges and gaps with different bits poking out of them. I liked the abstractness of a lot of the architecture but I liked when this used curves as well as straight lines. I really liked the spaces with different ceiling or roof heights that had interesting sections.

I started looking at expanding circles and a radial plan, which I really liked. I then worked this up over the next few days, which is shown in the next post…

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