What do you do when there are no ideas?!

This has been a hard hard two weeks. The first thing to go wrong was that I got ill. I felt rough for a few days, which wasn’t much but was enough to throw me out of whack quite significantly. I went into uni last week armed with my collages, tracing paper, and about four hours before my tutorial to work out what my collages meant and how I could use them to design an entrance to my office. It was quite terrible. I either had no ideas or terrible ideas, some of which I’ve shown below in the gallery…

It wasn’t necessarily that my ideas weren’t any good, it was that they just weren’t coming together. Then because I didn’t have very good ideas or even a good direction to my work, the tutorial wasn’t great and I came away pretty disappointed and slightly disillusioned with it all. It wasn’t a great Tuesday.

After that I had two days of paid work in which I managed to totally forget about uni and Poplar Baths and everything, which was nice. When I picked up my design work again on Friday afternoon I decided that as I still had no ideas of what to do or where to go, I would concentrate on the office and looking more in-depth at what I wanted the office to be like. I’ll put that information in another post as there’s quite a lot.

Having had another day of design with no ideas coming forward, I was pretty stressed. I just had nothing in my head; or like Tuesday, the ideas were rubbish and totally useless. I’ve not really experienced this before and it was pretty scary! I found myself thinking things like ‘what if I never have a good idea ever again?’ and ‘what if I’ve only got a set amount of good ideas and I’ve used them all up?’. Clearly this is totally ridiculous and I just needed to do something that would spark the inspiration again.

I wanted to document my rubbish ideas to show that its good to keep on battling, even if nothing comes of it. The few days I spent with no ideas were hard, but it was good to have them and to really think about what I wanted instead of settling for the the first idea I came up with. This is a big project and I want to do it justice and design something really fantastic.

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