Getting Creative…

My aim since developing the design of the office is to re-design the entrance and the Second Class Baths half of the existing building. I came up with a few ideas that the tutors didn’t like, and were (quite honestly) boring architecturally.

Having got a bit stuck in a computer-based rut a few weeks ago I decided that I should get a bit creative in the work I was doing, in the hope that this would help me to design something great. It had been suggested that I have a play with some collages so I decided that I’d do some physical collaging instead of computer-collages. It was a lot of fun, and while I’m not entirely sure what the collages show, it was good to do and got me thinking outside the box a bit. The collages are in the gallery below…

The main points I got from the collages is that I like the idea of creating views through and into the pool and office from outside and between the two. I want a building that is open about what is inside. I also like the way I have used circles throughout the design so far and would like to look into this a bit more. I like the idea of cutting bits out of the existing, and then these bits being stitched together by the office that runs through the building. I’ll continue to have a play with these ideas over the next few days…

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