Poplar Baths: Sketchup Model

Here are some views from my sketchup model of Poplar Baths that I made. This model took me about four days of solid sketchupping and I’m pretty proud of it. The next thing I need to learn is how to use v-ray to enable me to take some good renders of it. I’ve done some basic renders but they come out quite dark and have to be lightened in Photoshop. Soon I’ll learn how to do things like add lights! I really like the renders I’ve done already though, especially the main pool with the arches and the lobby with the big glass windows and doors. This is going to be a lot of fun…

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  1. […] So, having worked this design out I was reasonably happy but still on some kind of mental block so I decided that instead of sitting around and doing nothing I would start working on a SketchUp model of Poplar Baths. I decided to first of all create an existing model that I could then copy and use as a base for my end proposal. It would also enable me to get some really nice internal images for the drawings I needed to produce. I have exported some views of this in one of the following posts (here). […]

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