Poplar Baths: Sketchup Model

Here are some views from my sketchup model of Poplar Baths that I made. This model took me about four days of solid sketchupping and I’m pretty proud of it. The next thing I need to learn is how to use v-ray to enable me to take some good renders of it. I’ve done some … Continue reading

Scheme 3: Squiggles and Splines

This post explains the key decisions behind the design of my latest scheme. The plans below illustrate/label the numbered points on a floor-by-floor basis… Ground Floor 1. The office starts off in the second class baths, which will be used as a workshop by the architects. 2. Where there are level changes there will be … Continue reading

Scheme 3: A Breakthrough!

This post outlines the ideas I had after my failed attempt at drawing my whole scheme (see this post). Having failed to design an office for Poplar Baths three times (and having a small panic about what that meant for my career as an architect and life generally) I had a bit of a breakthrough. … Continue reading

Two Drawings (Or: One Drawing and a Whole New Scheme)

Following on from the previous post, I’d been asked to produce two drawings of the whole of my scheme. However, I;d also been told that I basically needed to rethink my whole scheme, so had to not only come up with a concept but draw it out as well. This was clearly a bit too … Continue reading

Feedback from Christmas: Pechakucha Presentations

Early on in February we had presentations to feed back from the work we’d done over Christmas. These took the form of Pechakucha presentations – we each got 20 slides that were up on screen for 20 seconds each. This was quite hard to prepare for but was fun to do, and really made me … Continue reading

Pinterest, Precedents and Picture-Finding

I have started a board of precedents on Pinterest for offices and office spaces, as well as more general architectural design. I have tried to work out what I like about each image and written this in the caption underneath. The link to the board is here. I will try and keep it regularly updated, … Continue reading

Exploration Study: Summaries

This post is taken from the summary pages for the Exploration Study, a requirement for the Technology module that was handed in at the end of January. I’ve summarised my construction, structural and environmental strategies for the Poplar Baths project. Even if what i design changes significantly, these summaries help me to see what is … Continue reading

Poplar Baths: Thermal Strategy

The pages below illustrate my thermal strategy…

Poplar Baths: Lighting Strategy

The pages below are from my exploration study and explain the lighting strategy for my proposal…    

Poplar Baths: Sustainability Strategy

My sustainability strategy for this project has three aims… 1.¬†Use local recycled material to build with wherever possible I have chosen paper as my main building material and will be sourcing this locally wherever possible. While the structural elements will need paper tubes that have been specially designed, other areas of the re-build could be … Continue reading