Getting Access to Poplar Baths: Phone calls 2 and 3

Phone Call 2: Friday 14/12/12 2:56pm 3 minutes Having not heard back from the Council I decided to give them another ring today to see where things had got to. Danny, who I spoke to on Wednesday wasn’t in so I re-explained why I was calling and asked for the number for Asset Management, which … Continue reading

Getting Access to Poplar Baths: Phone Call 1

Phone Call 1: Wednesday 12/12/12 9:57am 8 minutes In my tutorial yesterday we discussed how good it would be if I could get access into Poplar Baths to see what the space is really like. I’ve been working on plans and sections (I say plans and sections, I really mean plan and section as that … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Boathouse and Paper Tower

Location: France and London, respectively Completion Date: 2002 and 2009. I have looked at these two projects together as they both use a similar connection joint. Up until now Shigeru Nab was using wooden connections, but these two projects use metal connectors to link the paper tubes together. The connections are much more sinuous and … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Paper Arch: The Museum of Modern Art

Location: New York, United States of America Completion Date: April 2000 Similar to the Japanese Pavilion, this structure uses only paper and aluminium ties. Ban uses paper tubes in the place of the laminated wooden beams to provide support to the grid shell, then uses ties and bolts to connect the two together. This structure … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Japan Pavilion, Expo 2000

Location: Hannover, Germany Completion Date: May 2000 This huge paper tube structure emphasises the use on simple materials and connections. The long paper tubes were made in 20m lengths and then joined together using wooden splices to create tubes that run the length and breadth of the building. The tubes are tied together with a … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Nemunoki Children’s Art Museum

Location: Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan Completion Date: May 1999 The interesting part of this building is the roof and the triangular lattice used to create it. The diagrams below show how triangles of corrugated card have been used to create a honeycomb pattern. The depth of the roof ends up being quite deep, but it is … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Paper Dome

Location: Masuda, Gifu, Japan Completion Date: January 1998 This dome was designed to store wood in extreme conditions, mostly snow. The paper tubes had to be waterproofed with clear polyurethane before construction which also helps to minimise their contraction and expansion due to humidity. The arched shape is actually created out of eighteen straight (1.8m … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Emergency Shelters

I have looked at two kinds of emergency shelters designed by Shigeru Ban; located in Rwanda and the Post-Tsunami shelters for Japan. The first shelters are formed from paper tubes and plastic connectors, rather like a child’s playhouse. They utilise the standard-issue tarpaulins and can be made end to end to create long spaces. The … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Paper House

Location: Lake Yamanaka, Japan Completion Date: July 1995 This weekend house is deliberately very simple, using paper tubes to form the internal walls of the house. The house was designed to introduce the tubes into Japanese building regulations and as such acts as a sort-of showcase. Out of the 108 tubes, only 9 provide vertical … Continue reading

Shigeru Ban: Building with Paper – Library of a Poet

Location: Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan Completion Date: February 1991 This was Shigeru Ban’s first paper tube building. The bookshelves form the walls and absorb wind loads, allowing the paper tube to form the main structure. The shelves were insulated in the factory and treated on the outside to be outside walls. The paper tubes are 10cm … Continue reading