Waterproofing Paper: Precedents

In order to make paper-based architecture work, it will need to be waterproof. However, I’d like to go one step further than this and make it water repellent. I remembered this video from Grand Designs where water repellent paint is used in a project. There’s also another episode where Kevin McCloud rubs some powder onto his hands and then is able to move a small droplet of water between his hands as it is repelled by the powder. I haven’t been able to find that one, but I have found some similar products online.

Neverwet is a spray not yet available to the public that creates a similar water repellent barrier, while Aridion by P2i is specifically made for phone and technology use. Again, this isn’t available on the open market, so I will have to look into the paint option, which seems to be more widely available.

The paint in the video from Grand Designs is made by Paint My Property – an on-line company – and is called Sto Lotusan Self-Cleaning Paint. The website can be found here. I’d like to try and get some of this to test out, so will keep the blog updated…


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