Waterproofing Paper: Precedents

In order to make paper-based architecture work, it will need to be waterproof. However, I’d like to go one step further than this and make it water repellent. I remembered this video from Grand Designs where water repellent paint is used in a project. There’s also another episode where Kevin McCloud rubs some powder onto his … Continue reading

Building an office next to machinery

A key part of my project is about getting architects back into the building process, not just the having ideas process. I want to site the new offices near to locally available materials and next to the machinery to process these into usable building materials. Obviously there would be issues with building next to large pieces of … Continue reading

Friday Ad Case Study

In this blog post I’ll look at designing an office to be situated right next to a noisy, smelly machine. I’ve used the Friday-Ad headquarters in West Sussex as an example of this. Friday Ad are an advertising company who produce a free weekly paper in which people can advertise things they’ve got for sale … Continue reading