Re-siting Architecture

Site research: I’ve chosen to look at three sites in varying levels of urban density, as well as with different resources to offer. I’ve made sure that the sites have the amenities that architects moving in from London would need; the two most important being locally available schools, shops and leisure activities, as well as … Continue reading

Who Needs London Anyway: Brief. Concept. Site.

This is the presentation I am due to give tomorrow in Studio. It sets out (hopefully) clearly what my project is about; the brief/manifesto, the concept and the initial site research. It’s been a good challenge to put it together  as its forced me to sum up clearly what I want to achieve and what … Continue reading

Tower Hamlets: Site Visit

On Saturday 17th November I went to visit Canary Wharf and Poplar. At this stage I wasn’t sure if I was going to even develop a project in this area, but wanted to see first-hand the divide between the two districts. The divide was stark, and almost quite scary. Having been warned by the tutors … Continue reading

Locality in Architecture

Part of my project is about bringing the concept of the local back to architecture  in which architects work with the local materials to build local buildings to impact the local community. Local architecture is a service, not a commercial enterprise. However, it also means that projects will probably take longer and may have to use … Continue reading