Who needs London Anyway: Research Part 1

This post records the research I have done so far into the architects of London. With a little help from the ARB I’ve managed to find out that there areĀ 10,765 Architects spread over London’s 33 boroughs. This ranges from 14 architects per borough to 1819, with an overall density of 7 architects per km2. This, … Continue reading

A paper computer?

Paper PC contains thousands of precisely location nearly invisible micro-points that track a digital pen as it moves across the page, saving and sending it. It can be used to send data, text and drawings in a digital format. Would offices need to have more than one piece of paper if they used this? It … Continue reading


No, not softwood. Soft wood. TSP is made by Albeflex and is a flexible wood veneer glued to a foam support. Its got interesting acoustic qualities and is good for insulating things such as doors and furniture. I’m not sure it could be used for construction, but more of an aesthetic.

Who needs London anyway?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to work out what I would like to spend the rest of the year working on, and after chatting with the tutors two weeks ago have finally narrowed down the brief. I’m planning on looking at the relationship between architects and the city; London in particular. This … Continue reading

Remember Remember the Fifth of November…

I come from Lewes, East Sussex. For 364 days a year this doesn’t mean much, but then it becomes November 5th and suddenly coming from Lewes means everything. Lewes likes Bonfire. And I mean really likes Bonfire. It has its own community-run Bonfire radio station that airs for the three weeks preceeding the 5th. It … Continue reading