Collaborations Welcome: Article Review

I found this article from Metropolitan magazine on the architectural database Avery, via the library website by searching for full-text articles under the keyword ‘office’. The article is about a building in downtown Brooklyn which is home to a number of creative professionals, who operate a business on a collaborative model. The top two floors … Continue reading

Office Processes: Film Project

This week our group task was to choose an office process and to make a short film about it (1 minute). The film was to fetishishe the subject; making it look really alluring. We chose to look at the coffee break of an office worker, exploring the idea of boredom and the difference between daydreams … Continue reading

Migrant Workers: Designing a Caravan (Part 2)

This post looks at the work I’ve done over the last week towards the caravan project. The presentation is tomorrow so I thought I’d upload my images now. The design has changed quite a bit; the shape of the caravan has changed, as has the way in which it opens up to the public when … Continue reading

Migrant Workers: Designing a Caravan

For week 5 we have been asked to design a caravan for a migrant worker. The year is 2020 and instead of having offices, workers move around Europe in a caravan specifically designed for their profession. They are able to meet up with other workers and form ‘office’ wherever they choose. We had tutorials yesterday … Continue reading

Space to Work: Book Review

I have chosen to review ‘Space to Work’, a book written in 2006 by Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross. The aim of the book is to establish a code of office design for the modern-day knowledge worker to increase productivity. What is a knowledge worker? The book starts off by defining what a ‘knowledge worker’ … Continue reading

The root of the problem…

Today I had to go to the dentist and have a root canal on my tooth. Years of sweetie-eating have caused my teeth to crumble and I’m now paying the price for that. Anyway, I was all numb for about five hours afterwards and so took the day off work to recover. In that time … Continue reading

Finding a place to work…

The task for this project was to find a place to work; one in Oxford and one in Oxford Brookes. In pairs, we had to take two photos at each place that illustrate the working conditions, what we need to work, and the connections that are made when we work in either place. I chose … Continue reading

My favourite drawing…

This is my favourite architectural image. It is a diagram of a house, designed by Level Architects for a couple with three children. The brief was formed when the clients asked for a house so special that the children will cherish the memory of it for the rest of their lives. And so ‘The Slide House’ was formed. … Continue reading

Office connections…

Week 2: Project 2 This week our main individual project was based around the connections in our workspaces/places. We were asked to create a 3D line drawing to illustrate these connections. The slight twist was what connections we chose to include, and how far out we chose to go. I looked at the office that … Continue reading

My favourite office…

This is the office of Innocent, those nice people who make the tasty smoothies. The office has a grass floor and a tasting room. I like the fun text on the wall and the way they’ve set up meeting rooms on the first floor round a gallery. I also like the bunting.